Testing Psychic Phenomena

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For well over a hundred years psychic investigations have examined claims of everything from spoon bending to remote viewing to foretelling the future. Some experiments seemed on the surface to be promising. But replicability, the ability to repeat the same experiment and get the same results over and over, has been a problem. As with [...]

Houdini and Doyle: The Psychic Odd Couple

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Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the early 20th century’s most famous promoter and staunch believer in spirit mediumship. If Conan Doyle had an arch nemesis, it was Harry Houdini, the world-famous escape artist turned medium-buster. So it came as quite a shock to their fans when the two men became friends. Conan [...]

The Birth of a Magnificent Deception

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As a mentalist – or as I like to say, “thought reader” – I’ve always been intrigued by claims of the paranormal. Being skilled in the art of deception, I’m afforded a unique perspective on these claims. For me, one of the most fascinating so-called “paranormal” events took place in 1848 in a tiny burg [...]


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